[Link] The Right Amount of Time

Seth Godin offers a couple of alternative choices

There are two other choices, worth considering:

  1. Spend significantly more time than anyone else thinks is reasonable. Charge appropriately. Perhaps this will lead to an extraordinary outcome.
  2. Spend far less time than you’re supposed to, and invest that time into processes and alternatives and benefits that everyone else is overlooking.


Time flies.

It’s two weeks into the New Year. That means enough time has passed for a large number of New Year Resolutions to have been broken.

Late nights, broken internet connections & general busyness around the house has been my excuse for the last week.

But it’s no longer last week.


15 years ago this day, my grandpa passed away.
I loved him dearly.
A kind man. He made my childhood memorable.
With stories of his childhood. Tales of tigers & elephants where he grew up.
Taught me how to enjoy a coffee. To this day, dipping a rusk into a hot mug of coffee is still the best for me.

I miss you Aba.

The Masters of Time [Article/ Video]

Successful people – whatever be your definition of success – have mastered their time. The quintessence of any time management technique is, ironically, managing not time, but activity. The secret to mastering your time is to systematically focus on importance and suppress urgency. Read this brief article for some simple tips.  And does time bother you? After the serious article, watch one of my favourite philosophers (who for most people is a comedian) give some more tips on how to manage time.