[Link] 10 Things to Say Besides Yes

‘No’ might be only two letters but it’s often the hardest thing to say. I’ve struggled with this more often than I care to admit.   Scott Eblin has a few suggestions worth considering (& putting to practice).

Lots of folks are headed for a crash if they don’t master the art of answering the next request for their time and attention with something other than an unqualified, “yes.” In the interest of preserving your health, sanity and well-being, I’m offering ten things you can say besides, “Yes,” when someone asks you to attend their meeting, join their project or take on another commitment. Practicing these ten phrases and having them in your hip pocket to use when needed will enable you to collaborate with and support your colleagues without sinking yourself in the process.

[Link] Scott Eblin on 3 Big Things …

This resonated strongly with me.

The longer the pandemic goes on, the more important the need for connection is. The way we’ve been working for the past year leads us to default to just getting the work done in a very transactional manner. When it’s just about getting the work done, connection suffers. That’s a longer-term problem because people need connection to be at their best.

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