The making of a Steinway grand piano [Article]

Several decades ago, John H. Steinway (the great-grandson of Henry E. Steinway) narrated an audio tour of the New York factory, where he described the generations-old process of making a Steinway grand piano. In 2011 Ben Niles, the producer behind the documentary film Note by Note, synced the audio tour with present-day footage of the Steinway factory, giving us a glimpse of what goes into making the piano

How many people can play the piano at once? [Video]

CDZA, featuring Damian Sim, Erika Dohi, Michael Thurber, Allan Mednard, and Mark Johnson conceived, rehearsed & performed this Daft Punk cover on the piano in under one hour.
The Piano Guys play the piano differently!

Then watch this incredible duet on the guitar, performed at the Brazilian Music Institute, team playing at its exceptional best. Gets even better with this next quartet.

I went overboard there, didn’t I?