The sun is setting at all times – [Article]

David from Raptitude reminds us that no matter what, The sun is setting at all times.

We have to acknowledge that truth is relative to the observer. If there were nobody observing the sunset there would be no sunset.

What matters is how things appear to be, from your perspective. Your quality of your life hinges on your perspective, not the theoretical state of the world, or “objective” assessments of your living situation.  

Perception, Wealth & Reality [Article]

Mr. Money Moustache shines the light on two wealthy folks who wrote in to him, The Quitting Lawyer and the Despondent Millionaire. The perspective we have on wealth is only a reflection of our perception of our own self-worth, he concludes.

The exact same world can seem like an evil or beautiful place, based purely on how you choose to think about it. And paradoxically enough, changing the perspective (and thus the behavior) of enough people can even change the physical reality of the world for the better. That makes “just changing your perspective” into a pretty powerful tool.