More jobs that don’t necessarily need a college degree [Article]

Last week, I linked to an article by Mr. Money Moustache (MMM) attempting to list 50 jobs that do not require an expensive college degree, yet helped so many people pull in more than $50k per year.  Here’s the continuation of that list – you may be surprised

Food for thought: Do you need an expensive college degree to earn a big income? [Article]

Not really, reckons Mr. Money Moustache, starting to put together a list of 50 jobs that pay over $50k a year, and which don’t really need a degree (sure, it takes some work). Scoffing at manual labour? Think producing content on YouTube is a joke?

Getting enough.. and then some: what abundance is [Article]

Another post from Mr. Money Moustache – you might see why he is one of my favourite financial bloggers from this one called “Getting enough & then some“:

…every expense profile is unique, and every person will eventually need to find a way to make expenses and income match when retirement comes – whether retiring at 25 or 85.