[Link] Theory of Bullshit Jobs Examined

Research suggests that David Graeber’s Theory of Bullshit Jobs – that many workers experience their jobs as being comprised of meaningless tasks in which they have to appear productive – doesn’t entirely hold true.

Some reporting on this:

Graeber was wrong about the various trends he believed in — the percentage of bullshit jobs and their increase — but he was right about the capacity of bad managers to turn a perfectly good job into bullshit.


[Link]: There is Nothing Natural About the Way We Work

That feeling of deep satisfaction at the end of a working day is rare for many workers across the world. We are alienated, and have been for centuries. We have to work in order to survive, but while we are told to love what we do and that our workplaces are our families, meaningful work that also pays the bills is harder and harder to come by.

A fascinating article in Vice.