My 10 year old taught me to do somersaults in the pool today. She was chuffed I could do it after drinking the pool a few times 🙂
And then she taught me how to do back-flips.  I learnt that too. Much harder than the somersaults. I’m sore, and tired. And pleased. And very happy.

She was a good teacher. I may have been an okay student. Should ask her when she wakes up in the morning.

Don’t Go Back to School: How to Fuel the Internal Engine of Learning [Article]

Maria Popova had a very interesting post recently, on education. Quoting Zack Booth Simpson:

“The best education you can get is just talking with people who are smart…you can get that for the cost of lunch.” 


There were 28 people at our weekly Toastmasters meeting

Two outstanding prepared speeches, both icebreakers, an impromptu speech by a superbly entertaining toastmaster, a fabulous table topics session, & some very educative evaluators. Ok, that last part isn’t strictly true, since I was one of them. But it was a fantastic meeting nonetheless.

A key learning from today’s meeting was the intensity of the focus that some of the speakers had – they were very clear what they wanted out of Toastmasters, & they did achieve what they wanted. The icing on the cake was that, by their own admission, they enjoyed the process of learning, & the thrill they got out of speaking at the events they were forced to. Each one of them is back for more.

I found that the day’s events are usually lost in the busy-ness of life.

My decision to go off Facebook has created more time for at least a little reflection.

I will hopefully keep this up.

Fingers crossed.