The Functional Art

An Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization: The first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) about infographics and data visualization. Even Stephen Few, an authority on data visualisation (at least for us folks who have to rustle up charts that effectively communicate whatever story it is that needs to be told) & a rather harsh critic, has much praise for the author of the book, Alberto Cairo [@AlbertoCairo]. The book, The Functional Art, is available on Amazon.

Iran Sanctions not working where intended.

If “terrorism” means the use of violence aimed at civilians in order to induce political change from their government, what is it called when intense economic suffering is imposed on a civilian population in order to induce political change from their government? Can those two tactics be morally distinguished?

From the Guardian

In defence of free speech.

The background to This article is that a US hosting company was issued a legal notice by the UK government because they didn’t like what one of the sites hosted.

The note begins thus: “Free speech is a funny thing. A lot of people are for it, as long as it’s for them. An awful lot of people lose interest in principles when someone says something they don’t like”.