Overcoming the social costs of being different. [Article]

Leo Babauta shares what makes him different, how being different is hard, & the strategies he has to deal with the social costs of being different:

Being different means you stand out, which is a good thing in a world where everyone is trying to blend in. It means you’re interesting, because you’re different. It means you are less restricted by what’s comfortable, able to explore new ground, not afraid of things because you don’t know about them. It means you’re learning more than most people. 

Startup advice for the not-mega-rich folks [Article]

Leo Babauta writes about advising his 13-year old to start her own vegan cupcake business, and how that advice was shaped by his own experience.

Screw the business plan. Planning, like perfection, is useless and stands in your way. Sure, you want to think things through, but planning is based on faulty information (we can’t know the future). Instead, experiment. Get started. Do. Then see what happens, and adjust. Flexibility is much more important than a good plan.

Letting go of crutches: Simplifying life [Article]

Leo Babauta discovered the crutches he used in his life (eg smoking) and gave them up.  Quite easy to do, he says:

I meditate, drink tea mindfully, run and workout, go for walks, give myself more space in the day, let go of the expectations/ideals that are causing the stress in the first place. I find pleasure in all of these things, and in socializing with good friends, and in a good book, and don’t need to smoke to find pleasure anymore.

Declutter your life: A few ideas [Article]

Leo Babuta offers a few:

How do you start [to declutter your life] when you’re facing a mountain of clutter, and another mountain of commitments, and piles of files and mail and email and other digital information? The answer became clear, as I got started: start simply. Keep it simple as you go. Simple, each step of the way.

More than an apple a day [Article, Video]

Leo Babauta gave up meat to become a vegan. But as he explains, eating a vegan diet doesn’t necessarily equate to a healthy diet, despite what many believe.
If you care about your health, (and less about pharma companies profits), please take the time to watch this video (which runs for an hour) by Dr. Greger called  More than an apple a day: Preventing our most common diseases.

The futility of comparing yourself to others [Article]

Leo Babauta illustrates why we aren’t content with our lives, & why it is a wasted exercise trying to compare yourself to others:

It’s not a comparison that makes sense. You can’t compare apples to apples when you compare yourself to anyone else. Which means it’s a dumb comparison — why would you compare how tangy an orange is compared to a beach? They’re not similar things.

The Worry That You’re Doing the Wrong Thing Right Now [Article]

A problem I often grapple with is what activity should I be doing at any given point in time. I know I am not alone, but Leo Babauta articulates it much better than I could, and also shares his simple steps to handle this challenge. And what do you have to look forward to at the end of those steps?

And if you do these steps, you’ll get your task done, and then breathe. And smile. Because you came a long way, and you might have a long way to go, but you’re here. You’ve arrived. And it’s a lovely place to be.