The economic road to destruction [Article]

George Monibot, writing in the Guardian, explains why the free market theory seems a fraud to him. According to its proponents, a dynamic, low-tax economy and a very flexible job market is good for everyone, creating employment, opportunities and prosperity. The reality however is starkly different. 

Getting an education [links]

The Internet has decimated the distribution system in a whole range of industries – newspapers, advertising, ideas sharing, communication, telecommunications etc. Education hasn’t been spared either. There are hundreds of online courses that offer specialised or general education courses, (Khan AcademyCoursera are a couple of examples). It has spawned what are called MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) from the likes of Harvard, Stanford, & other big-dollar universities, who don’t want to lose their advantage (& their revenues).  Adding to the list, MRUniversity is offering a free economics education. Here’s a current collection of 530 free online courses, something might catch your fancy!