[Link] Surviving A Fire

Bob Fulghum has faced many a challenge in his life, & a fire that swept through his neighbourhood hasn’t gotten him or his attitude down.

The first question was “What were my valuables?” Not much.
Just me and my memories and my attitude.
And I saved those.
As for “stuff”?
I always turn to the words of the 4th Century Greek philosopher, Epictetus, for perspective.
He said: When a neighbor breaks a bowl, we readily say,  ‘These things happen.’ When your own bowl breaks, you should respond in the same way as when another person’s bowl breaks.  Carry that understanding over to worldly consequences.

[Link] A Project of One’s Own

Paul Graham’s reminder:

Many kids experience the excitement of working on projects of their own. The hard part is making this converge with the work you do as an adult. And our customs make it harder. We treat “playing” and “hobbies” as qualitatively different from “work”. It’s not clear to a kid building a treehouse that there’s a direct (though long) route from that to architecture or engineering. And instead of pointing out the route, we conceal it, by implicitly treating the stuff kids do as different from real work.

[PPT Hack] Eyedropper tool

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this very handy tool to pick any color on to .

The Eyedropper in PowerPoint is a simple tool that can take your presentations to the next level. The Eyedropper tool in PowerPoint lets you find out an exact color reference (RGB) on different elements. The tool is used to retrieve a color and then color a highlighted text with this exact color. The Eyedropper tool was introduced with PowerPoint 2013.

[Link] A Centuries Old Idea That’s Making Cities More Affordable Today

“Reasons to be cheerful” shines a light always on the little – or not so little – things that give hope of a brighter future.

This one, in particular, caught my attention. Law, in its various forms, is often badly written, horribly enforced & rarely questioned – and sets up the background of our collective lives.

The U.S. has a whopping 54 million spare bedrooms. As cities and states liberalize their housing regulations to allow more people to live together safely and affordably, it is making a dent in the country’s housing crisis. Legislative changes like this one in Washington are ahead of their time —  and a reason for some subdued excitement.

[Link] Declaration Revised

One of my favourite authors, Robert Fulghum, celebrated his birthday recently & revised his personal ‘declaration’:

Ever since that recent day in June, the man I know has been thinking about the advantages of having been around for quite a while. By now, one knows some things, or should. By now, one has come to some conclusions about the quality of life. And before plunging on into the future, it might be useful to consider what he knows that makes the time to come workable and wonder-full.


[Link] Culture in the Hybrid Workplace

After such profound blurring in our personal and professional lives, code-switching is difficult. You’re aware that every moment you spend working is a moment you’re not spending with a child, with a parent who needs care, with your partner. Now a lot of employees are asking, “Does this job work for me? Do I care at all about what I do for a living?” Increasingly, the bar is rising, and people are saying, “My work has to be more than a job. It has to fit in with my life’s purpose.”

via McKinsey Publications