[Link] Doc Searls on Apple vs Adtech

Doc Searls isn’t convinced that Apple is fully serious about privacy:

If Apple was fully serious, your iPhone would be set to not allow tracking in the first place. All those trackers would come pre-vaporized. And Apple never would have given every iPhone an IDFA—ID For Advertisers—in the first place…

Defaulting the master Tracking setting to ON means Felix has to tap “Ask App Not To Track” for every single one of those hangers-on. Meaning that one click won’t vaporize all those apps at once. Just one at a time. This too is misleading as well as unserious.

[Link] Dave Winer on How Tech Comes into Existence

It’s not uncommon that we complain about the bugs in the technology we use. Dave Winer, who’s been developing software for over 4 decades,  sympathizes:

many people don’t understand why all the bugs don’t disappear at once. Or why I made the software do something they don’t like. Because they don’t see a process. How can you blame them, even if they were here with me, all they would see is someone typing at a keyboard, going for walks, hanging out. How that turns into functionality, they don’t even know that it does turn into functionality.

The Aeon article linked to in his post is worth a read too