There are those that grow, and those that destroy [Article]

Economics makes the world go round, right? What happens when the ones who wield the clout bet on both sides? Ever wondered why so many people go hungry in the world while so much food is wasted elsewhere in the world? Or why the ones who grow the food you & I eat find it incredibly difficult to even cover the costs of producing such food? What about the economics of food? & what do bankers have to do with food? Goldman Sach’s Food Speculation Turns Global Hunger Into Wall Street Profit

Rentals – china style [Article]

There is a price for everything – including for pogress. This news article covers the newest business opportunity for young males to hire themselves out as boyfriends, to help young Chinese women who go home to see their parents once a year for the holidays  deflect questions about settling down. Chinese women take ‘rental boyfriends’ home for the holidays.

What should my child take up? [Thought, video]

I’ve frequently been asked, by parents whose kids are just about to finish their HSC, what stream has most employment opportunities. I have honestly no idea. I do think that we are fast approaching a robotic era – more & more work gets done by machines, & so would presume that knowing how to get those machines to do the work would be a more important skill than doing it. I just read this quote that summed it up really well “You either will be the person who tells the computer what to do or the person that the computer tells what to do.”  Father Guido Sarducci shares his wisdom.

Father Philanthrophy [Video/ Article]

The incredible story of an artist / forger, Mark Landis, whose work fooled the most astute of art critics for over 30 years. He’d dress up as an Jesuit priest, & donate his work to institutions & art museums. He’s never got any money for the trouble he took, & has never been charged with any crime.  Also begs the question, what do those art critics actually critic?

Tim-Berners Lee in Sydney [Article]

The father of the internet, Sir Tim-Berners Lee was in Australia & New Zealand & cautions that what our politicians have in the pipeline as data-retention law is so dangerous it is dynamite. This follows several leaders in the industry who have been voicing their opinion that governments around the world are disregarding the very principles of democracy that they want the rest of world to espouse.

An Excel-lently well done product [Links]

I spend most of my work day – & quite a lot of leisure time – on Microsoft’s Excel, A product that has its origins in Lotus-1-2-3. Dan Bricklin, the creator of VisiCalc, which was then pushed out of its numero-uno spot by Mitch Kapor‘s Lotus-1-2-3 shares some very interesting thoughts on its 30th anniversary, on a product that holds most of the world together (Doubt that? find out what your company uses to do any analysis!) He shares some rare footage from the time too (no one does the dance moves any more though!!)