Quran Burning

American apologies are falling on deaf ears in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan, where anger over the burning of Qurans is boiling over.

Really? Why don’t they see this is just the tipping point, not the cause???.. When your nation’s been invaded on the pretext of hunting down ONE man, & been occupied for over 10 years, & when you, a nation that’s been thriving when not invaded (think a few centuries ago), is now struggling for survival, when you see the murder & subsequent desecration of your fellow citizens, & your constant worry the life for your little children (who by the way, are forced to pitch in to earn the pittance that can not even fetch you a single meal) lest they be killed by drones in the sky..
The one thing you turn to to give you some solace in the middle of this agony they call life is not spared either. Burned. Symbolically. 

& you, you are surprised they are angry?? 

Investing in Education?

how about spending a little less on Offense & a little more on its own education system?

or maybe that is the whole point – we need dumbed down citizens who will unquestioningly fund our pockets with their blood sweat & tears?